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Eye Clinic of Austin uses advanced all laser techniques for refractive eye surgery. Our highly trained eye surgeons use WaveLight® laser technology to provide improved outcomes in visual quality and faster, less painful healing following PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy).


What is PRK?

With the latest advances in LASIK technology, more than 90% of people who wear glasses or contacts can achieve excellent vision through LASIK. However, not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK, due to thin corneas or other corneal conditions. We may recommend PRK for these patients instead.

The first step in LASIK is creating a corneal flap, so that laser treatment can be applied to the inner layer of the cornea. With PRK, there is no flap created, usually because the cornea is too thin to complete this step. Instead, our surgeon will reshape the cornea by applying laser treatment to the cornea’s outer surface .


After PRK

The visual outcomes of PRK are equivalent to LASIK, however the main difference lies in longer recovery times and for some patients, increased discomfort during the initial healing process. Our surgeon will advise you at the time of your free LASIK Consultation if PRK is recommended for correcting your vision.


PRK Cost

Eye Clinic of Austin offers CareCredit, a way to make eye surgery more affordable, including no-interest payments for up to 24 months. Learn more about PRK payment options.