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Award-Winning Eye Care with Advanced Technology

Eye Clinic of Austin is one of the leading eye surgery and eye care centers in the Austin area. For over 30 years, our optometrist and ophthalmologist have used the most advanced eye technology, including LASIK, laser cataract surgery, and corneal transplants. We also provide comprehensive eye care including routine eye exams, prescription glasses, contact lens fitting, and glaucoma treatment. With unparalleled experience plus the latest technology, we know our patients receive the absolute best results.

Vitamin D May Help Protect Your Eyes from Infection and Inflammation

Years ago, Vitamin D was thought of only as the vitamin that prevents rickets. In the last 15 years, however, scientists have discovered that Vitamin D leads not only to problems with bones and muscles but also plays a role in cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive disorders, and autoimmune diseases. In fact, vitamin D deficiency is considered a global public health problem.